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7 of The Most Visited Snorkeling Tour Spots in Mexico in 2022

7 of The Most Visited Snorkeling Tour Spots in Mexico in 2022

Tulum is one of the top snorkeling tour places in Mexico, with vibrant and plentiful coral life to find, intriguing inland underwater worlds to explore, and a variety of fun and exciting activities to combine with your snorkeling excursion! 

Are you ready for an incredible undersea adventure? For every budget, these are the most excellent Tulum snorkeling tours to the Caribbean and the best cenotes! Just book or rent a yacht rental in Tulum, Mexico, and your day will go as you plan.

Tulum Snorkeling Tour

Snorkeling in Tulum: The Best Spots

The cenotes are the best sites to snorkel in Tulum that are accessible by land. Unfortunately, the best Tulum snorkeling sites are only accessible by boat; there is no fantastic snorkeling on Tulum Beaches that you can get to on your own. So plan on renting a Tulum boat charter that will satisfy your trip’s needs.

1. Private Sailing & Snorkeling Tour: Full Vision Tulum / Viator

What else goes well with snorkeling in the Caribbean? Sailing!

On this private sailing and snorkeling trip with Full Vision, Tulum lets the sea air whisk you away to explore breathtaking views of the Tulum ruins and some of the most remarkable coral snorkeling.

2. Tankah 5 Cenotes Snorkeling & Zip Line:  Agua Clara Diving Tulum

Do you enjoy cenotes with a twist of adventure? Agua Clara Diving’s Tankah Park five cenotes adventure tour allows you to visit not one but five of these spectacular attractions by snorkeling, zip-lining, and even canoeing. For adventurers of all ages and experience levels, this 5-hour small-group tour to Tankah Park Maya hamlet and nature reserve is ideal.

3. Caribbean & Cenote Snorkeling Tour: Mexico Kan Tours

A recommendable tour to those considering a Tulum yacht charter with family and friends: it is top-rated small-group snorkeling with Caribbean fish and underground river adventure. This 6-hour day excursion is ideal for anyone looking for a little variety in their snorkeling adventure, especially if you want to see the wonders of Tulum’s offshore Caribbean Barrier Reef and the mysteries of the region’s stunning cenotes.

4. Tulum Ruins & Snorkeling with Turtles: NS Tours Mexico

NS Tours Mexico’s Tulum and sea turtle snorkel trip is highly recommended. With a trained guide, you’ll explore the hidden mysteries of the world-famous Tulum archeological site on an action-packed 10-hour day excursion. You can also go off to the magnificent Cenotes Casa Tortuga for a swim and snorkel in the ancient Maya’s sacred waters. And end the day in Akumal Bay, considered the best spot in the area for snorkeling with sea turtles. One of the top Tulum snorkeling excursions for travelers who want to see as much as possible in a short amount of time or who want to get the most bang for their buck. 

5. Snorkeling Tour in Three Ecosystems: Agua Clara Diving Tulum

Agua Clara Diving’s small-group snorkeling adventure tour in three ecosystems is all about SNORKELING! It may be the finest Tulum snorkeling vacation for you if you want variety and want to learn more about the area’s many ecosystems. During seven hours of snorkeling bliss, explore three distinct habitats in and around Tulum. Colorful fish can be found in the brackish waters of Casa Cenote. You may also swim alongside sea turtles and other magnificent marine species in Tulum Bay along the Barrier Reef. Then spend the rest of the day exploring the magnificent Mayan underworld of Saac Actum cenotes.

6. Cenote Paddleboarding & Snorkeling: Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf

The half-day cenote paddleboarding and snorkeling tour offered by Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf is one of the best combo activities in Tulum. You can explore Casa Cenote in various ways, including snorkeling, stand-up paddle boarding, swimming, or any combination.

7. Cenote & Barrier Reef Snorkeling Tour: TAE Tulum Area Experience

Last but not least in our list of the finest Tulum snorkeling trips is TAE Tulum Area Experience’s guided snorkeling cruise to Casa Cenote and the ocean reef. Were you looking for a fantastic snorkeling experience in a cenote and the open ocean? That’s it! Explore Casa Cenote’s beautiful waters; you might even see one of its famous resident manatees! After lunch, get on a boat to the barrier reef for an unforgettable offshore snorkel.

Final views on snorkeling in Tulum

So, if you made it this far, I’m guessing you found a lot of helpful information. We hope you found it useful and are now considering yacht rentals in Tulum, Mexico! For example, you may have observed that snorkeling in Tulum is one of the best activities available; whether on a snorkeling trip or your own, there are several opportunities to swim across the barrier reef in front of the Riviera Maya or a stunning cenote.

Whatever you choose, we hope you have a great time, but remember to observe the basic guidelines of environmental stewardship and leave just footprints!

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